MuseScore updates in Ubuntu Studio 20.04

• May 24, 2020 - 14:48

I recently installed Ubuntu Studio 20.04 and I was happy to see that MuseScore was included with it. Unfortnately the MuseScore version included in Ubuntu Studio is somewhat old (3.2.3) as it dates back to 2019-07-08. While I've been updating Ubuntu Studio regularly since its install, MuseScore does not get updated. How can I keep my MuseScore installation in Ubuntu Studio current?


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The advantage of the AppImage is that at least it's possible to always get the most recent version. Unfortunately, distribution maintainers don't seem to be very good about building and including the most recent version of MuseScore in their repositories. And there is nothing we can really do about that - which is why we provide the AppImage.

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I can see how it would be a burden for distribution maintainers to track down the most current version of a program when preparing a distribution, particularly given the number of programs that most distributions include. My comment related to keeping the software included in the distribution (MuseScore in this case) up-to-date after the initial install.

I was under the impression that the main appeal of AppImage for software developers was to have only one software packaging format to deal with instead of multiple ones (e.g. DEB, RPM, etc.)

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