Replace the piano sound of gm.dls

• May 25, 2020 - 03:08

Hello, I am looking for a way to replace the gm.dls piano sound. My case is as follows:
I NEED to work on the DLS standard, not SF2 (like gm.dls, I don't know if it's dls 1 or 2 as well as the properties behind it)
I have a piano sound set, from A0-C9
So, how can I replace my piano audio set for piano sound in gm.dls?
Please help, thanks for reading.


It's not really clear what you mean exactly, MuseScore doesn't have any file called gm.dsl, but it does support the SoundFont standard (SF@) and also SFZ. So if you have a sound font in one of those two formats, MuseScore can use it. If not, you can use the MIDI output of MuseScore to drive a third party program that does support your favorite file types.

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Hi, Soundfont on Musescore is ok, but my synthessia video creator using gm.dls when it's export, and, you know, gm.dls sound is not great.
I'm lazy to export sheet to mp3 with Musescore, then render a video with a combie synthessia video creator' video with Musescore's mp3.
So, im looking a way to replace gm.dls piano sound. I recorded each piano note, but didn't know what to do next.

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Thank you, your suggestions are great, but I need is DLS, not SoundFont (Although I used Awave studio to convert SF2 -> DLS, it didn't work).
You are right, this is not a topic related to Musescore, and it is not related to Synthesia. It is a SoundFont problem, im just hope to get help here, ^^

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Hi, That's right, Synthesia Creator uses GM.dls when it renders the video. But it has been abandoned for years, its creators said it only supports DLS format, instead of SF. So the problem is how to bring new, better sounds into the same format, like GM.dls, so Synthesia Creator can use it.
I have checked quite a lot of Sounfont like FF8.dls, Chaos_V20.dls, SCC1T2.dls, FluidR3_GM.dls .... but their sounds do not satisfy me.

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