3.5 realize chord symbol playback

• May 26, 2020 - 03:13

Just a heads up. In the attached score, the brass continue to sound after the last note. Here is how I accomplished this.
1. created 3 measures with the chord symbols over the piano part.
2. Selected the 6 chord/realize chord symbols (with until end of measure option, although the same thing happens no matter the option.
3. Select explode.

If I create the chords in the piano part myself ( i.e. not from chord symbols) and explode, the playback is correct.

W10 64 bit MuseScore 3.5

I don't use any of these things. I was just playing around with it because of the new capability. Entirely possible I did it wrong. Just my luck if the attached score play properly for others.

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Are you say8ing you hear the playback continue if you just load this score, or do I need to do something special to reproduce a problem?

It's normal that the default is to hold the last chord until the end of the score. If you want it to last only as long as the last note itself, you need to select that option in the Inspector.

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Is it possible that "Until the next chord symbol" is a default setting. MuseScore doesn't remember my previous selection. When I tried again, I realized each chord one at a time with the end of measure option. same result: realized chords play to the end of the piece. What info can I provide to you that will help check this?

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Until next chord symbol is indeed the default. As I said, if you want the chord to stop prematurely, you need to explicitly set it that way, using the Inspector. Click the chord you wish to cut short, change "Nitl next chord symbol" to "Until Measure End" or "Chord/Rest Duration". But normally you wouldn't need to, you wouldn't normally have a whole bunch of empty measures at the end of a score.

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Well, the Realize Chord Symbols command is there for the times when you want to actually see the notes and work with them, but most people won't have any reason to do that. Instead, they will just rely on the normal chord symbol playback, no need to do the realize command at all. In any case, even if you do the realize to get the actual notes, the chord symbols themselves are still playing back, and that's what you are hearing.

Obviously while you are still working on a piece there will be empty measures at the end, so normally you'd just stop the playback after the last note.

So, normally, you don't need to use the Inspector or Realize Chord Symbols. All you do is turn on chord symbol playback in Edit / Preferences / Note Input, and from then on, chord symbols playback all by themselves. No need to use the Realize Chord Symbols command unless you want to work further with the actual notes. No need to use the Inspector unless you need to change some aspect of how the chord symbols play - the voicing to use, how long to sustain each chord, etc.

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