Any way to cleanly notate guitar bends in linked-tab chart?

• May 26, 2020 - 15:17

I've recently had to do some tabs that include a lot of bent notes on guitar. I hate giving anyone a plain tab without linking it to a staff in standard notation, but bends are causing a lot of confusion.

In the pic, the top is what I can do in MuseScore, & the bottom is what I'd like to do. It can be tough explaining to a kid why the tab shows the 9th fret even though it's never fretted. That 7th fret D is bent up to the E, but with linked tab I can either show a fretted note that's not really fretted or I can eliminate the note that's sounded from the standard staff. In the last 4 notes, not only would I like to only show the one fret that's actually played, but I wish I could stretch the bend symbol so it fits where the notes are actually bent.

Does anyone know of a solution in MuseScore? Thanks.


Not sure if I really understand it correct and if it's helpful (and without really checking it), but two thoughts:

  • you can add additional points for bends inside the inspector
  • you can deselect for fret numbers "visible" inside the inspector an deactivate view->show invisible

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