Eliminate bent-note “phantom fretting” on linked tabs

• May 28, 2020 - 15:03

Attached diagram explains, but currently, a linked guitar tab requires a fretted note in the tab for each note in the standard staff. While Musescore has a symbol to denote a bent string, the linked tab will still show a note on a fret that is never fretted.

In the diagram, the 2nd note in the top half is an 'E' that's played by bending the 'D' (G string, 7th fret) up to 'E'. The linked tab shows 9th fret, G string even though that fret is never played.

The last 4 notes show the same thing... a single fretted note is bent up and down between D & E. It would be nice if the "bend" symbol could be stretched and placed where the bends occur. Thanks!


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