Picky "Hide Empty Staves" rules

• May 27, 2020 - 19:37

I'm arranging for a show choir and am trying to build a "Vocal & Piano" score. There are 4 instruments in this part: two 1-staff instruments for Solo 1 and Solo 2, a 2-staff instrument for SATB (I just renamed a piano instrument), and a 2-staff piano.
For large portions of the piece, one or both of the Solo staves are empty. For that reason, I tried using "Hide Empty Staves within Systems" to hide those staves when appropriate. However, I'm now dealing with an unintended consequence. In sections where I only use one staff of the 2-staff instruments (ie only left hand of the piano), the unused staff disappears. I'd like to maintain the grand staff for these instruments whenever at least one is used, hiding or showing them as a unit.

So my question is:
Is there a way to hide empty staves on an Instrument-by-Instrument basis instead of Staff-by-Staff?


Yes, several different ways. In your case, what I'd suggest is not using the global "Hide empty staves" option at all, but instead using the Staff/Part Property "Hie when empty: Always" for the individual staves you want to hide when empty. Then this happens even without turning on "Hide empty staves" globally. Another approach is ti go ahead and turn on "Hide empty staves", but for the piano, set both of its staves' "Hide when empty" to "Instrument", now it will only hide if the entire instrument is empty.

Open the staff properties for those piano staves (consider using men/women instead for SATB though) and change their "Hide when empty" property to "instrument".

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