Properties Not Changing

• May 31, 2020 - 23:30
Reported version
S4 - Minor
needs info

So this has happened on multiple different files. I change a text font, for example, in one part, then switch to a different part. Then I come back to the original part and the text appears as if it was never changed. Right now I am formatting a bunch of parts for marching band. I moved some rehearsal marks around, edited some part names, changed spacing, and a couple other visual things. I was using quite a few properties that the inspector displays. When I did this for multiple parts and came back to a part that I had previously worked on, all of my changes were lost. This happened multiple times on the same parts, even after saving. I changed a part name from "Tenor Sax" to "Bb Tenor Sax," but it randomly changed back to just "Tenor Sax." On another file, I flipped a bunch of marcatos because for some reason they always appear on top, but then they flipped back on their own. Super annoying.


In order to understand what is happening and help you solve the problem, we would need you to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. The only thing I know of that is remotely like this is if you happen to try changing properties while in edit mode (eg, changing font using the Inspector while still typing text). It will be obvious this didn't work as soon as you leave edit mode,. This is fixed in 3.5. But that can't explain everything you are describing.

My guess is it will turn out you had created multiple copies of that same part and your changes are in one of the other copies, or that you made formatting changes in the score rather than the part. Again, we'd need to see the score and precise steps to reproduce the problem to say much more.