Adding Lyrics to Meterless Measures

• Jun 1, 2020 - 17:28

I put the psalms my church group sings into MuseScore so we can add harmony. The verses in each psalm are basically meterless, much like a Gregorian chant. I make each line one measure, change the measure properties to the number of beats the notes are, and make them all stemless. I then add the lyrics below each note, with each note having several words, which I do by using a CTRL+space between the words. The problem I have is when I then go to line up the first word of the line with the first note. I get 5 rows of verse lined up, and then the 6th row moves everything. I've attached a finished piece. Am I doing something wrong? I'm also using MuseScore Version 2.3.2 because I did not like the changes in version 3.0 and above. Thank you.

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Second Sunday of Advent (Yr B).mscz 15.37 KB


Can you explain what you didn't like? The improvements were pretty vast indeed and could take a minute to get used to. But 2.3.2 is so much more limited in so many ways, it would be a shame to hold yourself back so dramatically by not spending the few minutes it takes to familiarize yourself with the improvements.

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