Annoying auto-rests!!!!!

• Jun 2, 2020 - 05:38

I am trying to copy this into Musescore, but I cant!!! It keeps freaking adding auto-rests and messing up the whole thing!!

Edit: I've read other topics.. basically I can't prevent to program to mess up the song. Great. Real cool. All I want is to write them notes and transpose to different keys.... I'm doing it by hand on a paper, I was lazy of calculating intervals and such but... sigh... Seems better than to fight and get mad at this software.

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It's actually quite easy to enter music like this, but you have to realize it's the exception rather than the rule - most music has a time signature and a consistent number of beats in a measure - so it takes an extra couple of seconds. When dealing with meterless music like this, often the easiest is to first combine a bunch of measures using Tools / Measures / Join Selected Measures, then enter the notes left to right. The rests are of no consequence and in no way whatsoever get in your way), then when you get to the point where you want a barline, use Tools / Measures / Split Measure Before Selected Note/Rest. Entering this piece would take no more than a couple of minutes, and transposing is a snap, plus you can hear playback, etc - much easier than doing it by hand.

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Marc I've tried sending a message to you but I failed so here it goes:

Thank you so much for your patience! I went to your profile and I saw thousands of resources that are VERY useful to me. Stuff that I was finding here and there in the web, some good, some confusing. I also saw something on your favorites that REALLY picked my interest "Ill Contrappunto" by a guy named BSG. Whenever I see the word "Counterpoint" I click it. Counterpoint is to sole reason why I started play guitar. And while I was reading the lesson I saw a "play" button there. Thought to my self "Why is there a play button in this text?" I clicked it out of curiosity and.. WOAH IT PLAYED THE EXAMPLES!!!! I bought the ebook of Fux's counterpoint species, in order to understand I have to practice quite a bit to actually hear the examples... And I come here and I can simply play the lesson?!?!?! This is ground-breaking for me!!!

I promise you I'll commit to learn how to use MS3 and use the money I was saving to buy Sibelius, to pay for your courses, which are soooo much cheaper!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! And thanks for being so patient with me, I wrote the topic like a paltry child and you were so polite that it got me thinking!! Omg I'm so hyped right now. Thank you so much!!!!! Have a great night!!!

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I've realized that it is not Musescore 3 that is "bad". I am. I am new to music notation. I write all of the music I want to play by hand and since I already know how it sounds, I only write half notes without rhythm indication, ornaments and such. Learning how to use MS3 will also teach me proper music notation. And one other thing, last night when I wrote the last message here, it was 11pm. I was so hyped about the community and the social network that I couldn't sleep. I've browsed through much of your content, BSG's content, Movies and Video game (I love it I intend to work with it), Guitar content, lessons, analysis.
It's 2:36 pm now, I'm at work, I work in a recording studio which is also a music school and which is also where I take piano e classical guitar classes. I'm so happy and hyped about Musescore that I still feel no sleepyness (bad english, dunno if this word exist). I've told my guitar teacher about the community, he didnt knew, he only uses MS3. When I showed him, he got all hyped up too. Me and him looked like 2 histerical kids gaining gifts in christimas. He's at this very moment in his room, checking out your profile and shouting to me here "OMG Rodrigo, this is too good! You've found the jackpot!". Well Marc, I'll stay here in MS Community. I'm in love with it. As soon as I get payd, I'll buy your "mastering MS3 classes". I know I can learn by myself but.. I want to give back and contribute because this community is priceless, MS3 is priceless. I have no words to describe how happy I am. I could spend the whole day writing about it and still wouldn't be enough. Again thanks for being who you are and I acknowledge that I behaved myself poorly when I made this post. Have a great day!!!

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