How to add a capo to the instrument during playback?

• Jun 2, 2020 - 06:51

Hi! I'm trying to write a part for Ukulele that uses a capo. Is there any possible way to add a capo to a part? I want it to read as if you aren't using a capo, but when you play the audio for it to go up x amount of semitones (like capo 5, goes up 5 semitones) Any help? Thank you!

I am pretty new to the software and writing music itself.


That sort of flexibility allows you to play with other instruments that are in different base keys without having to play all barre chords. That's one reason you see it more commonly used by bluegrass flatpickers who are playing with mandolins and banjos as well as bass (which is basically in the same base tuning as guitar).

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