Auto-wrap sheet when editing

• Jun 2, 2020 - 21:53


When editing a sheet, there is a choice to display all the pages, the current page or everything on a single line.
When editing the current page or on a single line, and zooming at the same, one have to scroll horizontally and vertically constantly.
Is there a way to have MuseScore wraping the sheet at the end of the available space, to avoid to scroll horizontally ?


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If I understand correctly, switching from Page View to Continuous View using the dropdown control n the main toolbar would probably help. Then you only have to scroll horizontally. But there is nothing that would automatically change the page / margin size as you zoom so you could only scroll vertically. You'd have to change the page size yourself.

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The goal is not to "automatically change the page / margin size as you zoom" but to have a view where the "Page" notion is not used.
My example is screenshot of GuitarPro.
GuitarPro has a "Horizontal view" where all the tracks show up on single line ( = MuseScore Continuous View) and "Vertical view" where all the tracks are wrapped according to screen size and zoom.
A new feature request then.

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