Fermatas: X & Y Offset

• Jun 4, 2020 - 19:09

Whenever I modify the legato lines, I use the arrow keys to move a point, but when I want to move fermatas with the mouse it doesn't work.
Can it be fixed?


Double click the element to put it into edit mode and be able to move it using the arrow keys; just like for pretty much all other elements.

Originally just about everything needed double-click in order for the arrow keys to move them. Only text was an exception. And rests, for up/down only. Over time more elements have become movable with just a single click. To be honest, I'm not sure if there is a great reason all of them couldn't be at this point. Well, notes would always be special of course. And I suppose it does no one any good to make it too easy to accidentally move clefs etc.

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I mean there may not be a good reason some elements still require double click to move. Or maybe there is, I don’t really know.

As for what other elements still require it, that would be great if you’d spend some time experimenting to find out. Certainly things like clefs, key and time signatures, etc. And that probably is a good thing, there should never normally be need to move them, so it shouldn’t be too easy to do it accidentally. Oh, yeah, and accidentals too :-)

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