Saxophone Chamber are not in correct transposed key

• Jun 7, 2020 - 09:23
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S4 - Minor

Steps to recreate issue:

1.) File > New
2.) Fill in Create New Score Information
3.) Expand "Chamber Music" > then select "Saxophone Quartet" then select next
4.) Select Bb Major > select next > select finished.
5.) Notice incorrect keys of Saxophones. Saxophones are not transposed correctly. All saxophones have the same key (Bb Major) when should be transposed to relevant keys.

A workaround I have used was to create a blank score with only a treble staff, and then add the saxophones manually. The added saxophones are then transposed correctly.

I haven't tested for all chamber instruments that are created from the wizard, but perhaps other instrument groups might have a similar issue (eg 2* trumpets + Trombone + tuba for example).

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The saxophone quartet template indeed has concert pitch set by default. So currently, this is by design, certainly not a bug in the code anyhow. Just turn concert pitch off if you'd rather work with the music transposed.

But most (?) other templates do have concert pitch off by default. I vaguely recall some previous discussions about this, but don't know what kind of consensus might have existed. Probably better to discuss in forum though.

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Thank you. is there something that I need to do to close the bug request?

Also, Ill look for it for this setting, but would have been helpful if on the wizard there was a way to select the setting on every create because how would anyone know it exists without prior knowledge.

but now I am aware. thanks for your feedback :)

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ok, I see what you meant, I created a new score and see that "Concert pitch" button is pressed by default with the creation of a saxophone quintet. this question was not a bug, but i didn't have the understanding. I do now. Thank you!

To me it's still worth discussing on the forum to see if there is a good reason some templates have concert pitch set by default and others don't. But, when in doubt, always look at the button to see for yourself.

The default is set by the template itself. The default for MuseScore itself - for scores not created from a template is concert pitch off. But some templates do apparently force it on.