Repeat bar problem and piano pedal problem

• Jun 9, 2020 - 21:43
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Dear Madam or sir,
I encountered these two problems
1) For the repeat bars, if in a file there are many repeat bars with the section 1 and section 2 for the repetition, when I used export to a audio file, in the exported audio file there is not the repetition. After exported to an audio file, when I play the score, the repetitions do not work. If I close the Musescore and reload the file, the repetitions work well. I tried several times the results are all same.
2) When I use the piano pedal sign, I want to adjust the vertical position, whatever I move up or move down by the mouse or by the arrow key, the sign only moves downwards.
Thanks and have a nice day!

Yuan Ning at Montreal Canada


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Sampls score nedded, and one entry per issue... Better though in the forum, as I don't anything you describe to be a bug but rather missunderstandings how thing work

Dear sir,

Please try the first attached file named TEST. This repetition problem happens without exception. When it export to an audio file, the repetition does not work in the audio file, and then it does not work in the play mode. When you close and reopen the file, the repetition works well.

For the second problem the pedal sign for piano, it happens only occasionally. In the attached file named TEST 2, the pedal sign sometimes moves well, sometimes always moves downwards. You may try several and then find one.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Yuan Ning Sun at Montreal

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Do you have the "Play Repeats" button (looks like an end repeat bar, ":|") in the toolbar enabled?
Is application/playback/playRepeates in Preferences > Advanced enabled too ( there is a bug where these are not in sync, fixed for 3.5)?

The score does repeat for me, with and in the mp3 export, before and after too

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Hi, Dear Mr. Jojo-Schmitz,

Sorry I didn't know to activate the "Play Repeat" button. After I have enabled it, it does repeat both in the MP3 file and then after the export in Play mode.

I use the version witch saying the currently newest.

Thanks a lot!