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• Jun 12, 2020 - 05:09

Please could someone tell me if it is possible to customize toolbars in Musescore version 3.4.2. I want to add the "slur" line button, next to the existing "tie" button on the Note Input toolbar.
Thank you for assistance.
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That's because slurs aren't really part of notes the way ties are; they are just articulation markings. The note input toolbar is for more note-related things - the actual pitch and duration. Other markings, including the hundreds of articulations, dynamics, lines, key signatures, barline styles, and so forth, are all found in the palette.

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Thank you for your advice, Marc.

I am new to MuseScore but I have used Noteworthy Composer for 25 years; you may be interested in my overall impressions regarding MuseScore:
The input of the musical score in MuseScore is a much more modern interface for the user than Noteworthy Composer and I have to admit that it makes NWC seem a little tired! However, I have to say that I am astonished at the very poor interface MuseScore has with the user when it comes to input of lyrics. Just one example: it appears to be completely impossible to cut and paste lyrics text in any practical or meaningful way.
(I do not want to sound insulting; just wish to be helpful.)

Regards, John Dickson

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