Allow multiple similar items selection with shift+click

• Dec 12, 2018 - 21:31
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Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

Currently, if you want to select multiple lyrics, for example to delete them or for copy/paste, you have to do it with Ctrl, and to click on every syllable.
It would be great to have the possibility to select them with Shift, and to click only on the first and last syllable.


Title Multipe lyrics selection with Shift Allow multiple similar items selection with shift+click
Frequency Few

A similar request like this has been made for several items, but this is usually due to ignorance of alternative ways of selecting a particular item, in your case lyrics. To select several lyrics in succession you can select the region by clicking the beginning and shift +click the last item. This will, as by design, select everything in that region. To change this to only one item such as lyrics, right click the item, like lyrics and chose Select>All similar items in range selection. You will then only have the lyrics (or any other item) selected.

I'm not going to change this from a suggestion, but I am going to generalize the title in case someone comes up with a plan to make this request happen. Perhaps they could use another unused combination such as ctrl+shift+click with a check that the first and last items are similar.

Priority P2 - Medium

What about, if the original element and the shift+click element are same type and not notes or rests, then we do this new behavior of selecting all similar between the two? That's probably not actually particularly hard to implement; easier than creating a new command...

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit e678df40f0

_fix #279926: shift+click to select similar

A common request is for click/shift+click to select similar elements.
So for example, click one lyric, shift+click another,
would select all lyrics in that range.

Currently, shift+click of anything but a note or rest
simply selects the elements and loses the previous selection.
This change catches that case, and if there is an element selected,
and the selected element and the shift+clicked elements are same type,
we build a range selection that encompasses thenm both,
then run selectSimilarInRange.
I also check if the two elements are in the same voice,
and if so, I limit the selection to just that voice
rather than all elements on that staff as would normally be the case.
But aside from that, it also allows for selection across staves,
so you can click an articulation on one staff,
shift+click another on another staff,
and all intervening articulations are selected._

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