help! Can't delete measure(s)

• Jun 13, 2020 - 03:30

i don't know what happened but i can't delete a measure or contiguous measures using select and CTR=DEL; sometimes a small + appeared on top of the emasure. Very fustrating. any suggestions.


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i have not heard from you or anyone after this after posting it. i am hesitant to try this.

what happens after i go to factory settings? Does that just restart the musesccore program/ does it eliminate the problem? this is important so please explicate fully.

is there a reason for it not working or some other way to resolve this?

Does it work to use the menu instead of the shortcut?

Select the measure, then use Tools → Remove Selected Range
If that works, then you may have an issue with your shortcuts. Note that the menu entry shows the currently configured shortcut on the right side of the entry.

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I had the same problem a few days ago. And I experienced this in new night / beta versions.
Moreover, the area I wanted to delete was the normal measures, following the measures split in half.

I selected the measures I wanted to delete and several times applied Ctrl + Del but failed. I applied the "Remove selected area" command from the menu, it didn't. (and delete options in the right-click menu was gray / non-clickable).

As a last resort: I combined the splitted measures. And only this way I managed to delete the next measures.
I think this is a bug related to splitted measures. (Or more accurately: it is related to measures that are outside the normal time signature setting (with excessive or missing strokes)).

After correcting the document, I wanted to write an error report. But I couldn't find under what conditions this problem occurred (now that I have little time to devote to this problem).

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thanks very much. i'm glad its not me that screwed up. i guess i have the same problem because of the measure with the plus sign. i think someone said above that it appeared because i didn't have the right number of notes in the measure. i posted the score at where you can see at measure 52 what i have been talking about.

So maybe someone can tell me how to do what you did so that i can get rid of the unwanted measures and continue to work on my piece.

Many thanks.

For what it's worth, I also encountered this situation in one score. I could insert or append measures, but I could not delete them via ctrl-del or the menu option. I could get rid of the added measures via undo, however. Saving, exiting, and re-editing removed the problem, and everything went back to normal. There is presumably some anomalous data condition that can occur during editing, but it fortunately is cleared by restarting the program, i.e. it is not a property of a broken score. If I am ever able to produce a repeatable case I will submit a ticket about it.

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