Downloading MuseScore 3.x on iPad

• Jun 17, 2020 - 19:53

Is it possible to download the latest version on iPad? If so, how?


Download certainly is possible, installing though surely is not, as the MuseScore editor only runs on Linux, Windows and macOS, not on Android or iOS

Hello, i was wondering if you were considering having Musescore 3 (when you can create sheet music) on IOS and Android ? If yes, that would be really great and how much time do you think it could take to release it ? If no, i just think it would be convenient, specially for people with Ipad (like me), we could write music more comfortably and it would be faster with our finger. Plus we could write anywhere like, our bedroom, school, work, transports... It would be really life changing for those who really like to create music (like me). Thanks in advance for your response.☺️

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Well, the Surface isn't the only solution, there are any number of other detachable/hybrid computers out there. The Surface is a good choice for Windows specifically, particularly the 64-bit versions (models running ARM processors would probably work using the 32-bit build?)

There are also a number of Chromebooks that would fit the bill (using the Linux build). The number of detachable Chromebooks running an Intel-compatible (as opposed to ARM) processor is smaller, though, and for Linux the option of a 32-bit build is not so simple.

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