How do I get 2 Instruments to play at the same time

• Jun 18, 2020 - 02:58

I was wondering how I can get a piano to do chords while a base guitar could do base I would like to combine the two I also have a question of, I play saxophone in real life so is there anyway I could use the instruments on musescore for chords and base and then I could play my saxophone for the melody. (I am brand new to musescore so is their anyway for me to do this)


Simply add the instruments you want when you create your score with File / New - click "Choose Instruments" in the wizard where it asks you to select a template. Or if you already have score, just add more instruments with Edit / Instruments. As for playing your saxophone along with the playback, sure, MuseScore won't care what you do while it plays with your score. Play your saxophone, dance, check your email - it's up to you :-)

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