MuseScore in Discord's Game Activity

• Jun 19, 2020 - 08:37

Hi, I'd like to request a feature for Discord.

Discord enables us to show our current activity, but MuseScore isn't currently linked to Discord directly. So, as pictured:
Game Activity.PNG
When I want to display MuseScore as my current activity, it just shows that I'm "Playing MuseScore" with Discord's default unlinked program logo. Is there a way for MuseScore to be linked to Discord so that when it's viewed in the Game Activity, it'll show the program logo? Even better, could it also have "Writing on" or "Composing on" etc. as its status, instead of "Playing"? Thanks!


I don't know how Discord is implemented, but my guess is, this is something that would have to be implemented by them, not by us. Unless you know of a specific thing we would need to do on our end to make this happen? We do the standard things for each OS regarding file associations, icons, etc, it seems Discord should be able to see those for MuseScore if it can see them for other programs?

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I talked to someone who knows more about this than I do, and here's what I've got: Discord has a SDK that can be implemented, and MuseScore can then integrate things users are doing in app, which is called a rich presence activity.

As far as I've found, MuseScore can send a mail to Discord explaining they want to show the MuseScore logo if users run the program, and look into integrating the GameSDK to MuseScore so extra information can be shown

I hope to hear back from you!

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I tried to reply to this thread on Tuesday, but I guess it never got approved. If you search "Discord Game Detection 2.0" in Google, you'll find a link to Discord's blog that shows how you can manually add MuseScore to your Discord so that it will display your activity whenever it detects MuseScore is running.

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If the game SDK is compatible with C++, is open source, and is cross platform - needs to be relevant on Windows, macOS, and Linux then most likely it can be integrated. MuseScore, being open source, is also mostly implemented by volunteers, so a volunteer who uses Discord and wants to see this feature would need to step up and take the necessary actions (eg, checking the language, licensing, and cross-platform viability of the SDK, and if they all check out, figure out what's involved in modifying the source and build process to incorporate it, then submit a pull request to the MuseScore project, as described in the Developers Handbook (see Contribute menu above).

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If all that is true, I agree. I was imagining it was as simple as making sure the application sets some general property (like its application name or class or icon or whatever) correctly so that Discord can poll for it. if it's literally sending information to another program, no that's not likely to ever happen.

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Discord is a cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android) text/voice/video chatting application that is particularly popular among gamers and young people in general. One of the features of Discord's desktop clients is the ability to let other people know what game you're playing (this can be changed by going to Preferences -> Game Activity). However, you can force Discord to recognize any regular app, such as MuseScore, as a "game" (so that your status in Discord can read "Playing MuseScore3", like it is in the picture above). In addition, some games (and, surprisingly enough, the Emacs text editor) have the ability to display more information about the game through an API called "Rich Presence".

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