Vertical frame drag bug

• Jun 27, 2020 - 03:52

Alright, whose been introducing all these bugs!? >:) (actually appreciating most of all the changes so far, so a thanks to those involved to make this a better program)

Included is a score which has:
1) Vertical Frame
2) System of music with a page break
3) Vertical Frame
4) Another system of music

5) Now, go to second page and drag the vertical frame's middle node and the frame's height increases tremendously and goes past the entire page...

Any thoughts as to who/what introduced what to allow for such a thing?
Maybe 3.5RC can have this fixed? Or has it been fixed already with nightlies of 3.x?



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I'm not totally following the steps to reproduce this. I tried:

1) go to page two
2) click frame at top
3) click and hold handle
4) drag up or down

I didn't see any problem using 3.5 beta.

I also tried double-clicking the frame then using arrow keys to adjust the handle, same good result.

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It's probably a preference setting difference. I verified that if i switched back to horizontal scrolling and unchecked the "Limit scroll area to page borders" option that the bug doesn't manifest, but upon returning back to my customized default of vertical scrolling (with or without the the "limit" option) it came back again. Try it with the vertical setting on.

Again, I never experienced this in 3.4.2. I have a tendency to take it for granted that I always use Vertical+Limited+Page Width as my default style of operation. Funny enough, I vaguely remember having a discussion with Marc about some other bug (unrelated?) years back and having a discrepancy of reproduction due to these settings.

Hello, don't know if my problem is the same as of worldwideweary:
I can extend the vertical frame beyond the bottom of the page. The handle is then no longer visible, but is that logical? Ok, I can mark the frame and reduce its height in the inspector. Doesn't it make more sense if the vertical frame "stops" at the bottom of the page? MS 3.5beta / Linux Mint 19.3
Greeting, Pentatonus

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