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• Jun 28, 2020 - 02:35
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I didn't see this issue listed, but it's been an ongoing irritation from day 1. Could somebody correct the upbow (V) symbol to be the same height and thickness as the downbow symbol? Please? Pretty please? The angle of the "v" is okay, but it's about 33% taller than the downbow symbol. Looks unprofessional and is also harder to see in the midst of a busy score, because musicians instinctively look for a symbol that matches the weight of its partner.

Otherwise, I'm lovin' the new version! Thanks also for all your ongoing work to incrementally improve it.


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Try one of the other musical fonts, Emmentaler, Gonville, Bravura or MuseJazz

They are closer to the same size in Gonville. But FWIW, the reason most fonts have the upbow taller is that this is how most engravers do it. So far from being unprofessional, it's actually quite standard.

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Thanks, Marc! I've looked at a bunch of my music to confirm and you're right (not that I doubted or anything) - but the size difference there is not as extreme as what I was using (the default). I, too, found Gonville is closer, more like what I found in other music.

Btw, is there a standards document engravers use? an engravers' bible?

Thanks heaps!

There are a number, but the one that is the most-cited these days is Elaine Gould's Behind Bars. She doesn't give specific recommendations for the size of the symbols, but the font she uses is proportioned similar to ours. Maybe slightly less difference than Emmentaler, but not as close to uniform as Gonville.