Figured Bass Playback

• Jun 29, 2020 - 14:01


I really like and appreciate the new features in the Beta 3.5 version.
Especially the chord playback facility .

Is there any possibility of a "Figured Bass playback" being added any time soon,
I understand it may be a large undertaking,
but for anyone studying counterpoint it would be helpful.




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I could write such a thing if I wanted, but it would be an "AI game", i.e., "how clever and correct can it be?", and if you are studying counterpoint, you should be able to realize continuo yourself up to the level of your understanding. It would not be right from a learning standpoint; you must learn continuo realization from examples that are more aware of rhythmic, motivic, and textural context than a "one size fits all" realizer ever can be. For these reasons, I have never created one, and think having one would be a step in the wrong direction. "Chord symbol realization" is a lot less demanding.

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"Point Taken" the permutation's and possible realizations with reference bass to "Note Degree of scale
being realized "
Melodic Minor/Minor
Harmonic Minor/Major
Double Harmonic Minor/Major
is perhaps more complex than basic/jazz "Chord symbol realization"
Still it would be interesting to map out all possible figured bass =chord realizations.

What do you think?

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No. You miss the entire point. Please read my document cited by Kuwitt below. Figured-bass realization means creating valid 4-voice counterpoint, with the notes of each chord being determined by not only the previous one and the next one, but "where the whole thing is going". I do think you have to learn what continuo realization is all about -- please read my tutorials starting at . (Which is not to say that well-played jazz chords are not constrained by voice-leading constraints). But "chord buttons" it is not,

I can't find a message for which I received email notification on this thread; it basically proposed a "realize figured bass!" button. In sci fi, and even in research fact, there are "compose song!" buttons -- i.e., really intelligent, interesting, composing programs, for which people get PhD's if they explain it well enough to their faculty advisors, but why would you want that? I know professional (at least before the pandemic) continuo realizers (who play in regular cantata series), and they are more complex than buttons. They study and learn this art, and know how to correctly, stylishly, and tastefully, improvise keyboard accompaniments to extant works from figured bass, including knowing how to integrate "riffs" from the work and add the spices of Baroque "hacks" (cliché figures), and where, after rehearsals with others, the continuo should contribute more or less to leave vocal and obbligato lines exposed or supported as need be. It is not a chord-button, play-by-number system, even if those analogues are not without some merit. Please see some of the well-realized figured bass parts pointed to in my tutorial, including the Bach flute sonata movement that can be taken as such (chapter 3). "Play the chord indicated in rhythm" on the guitar will work for a folk song; not for a cantata or concerto movement.

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