Save online won't recognise file already uploaded.

• Jul 1, 2020 - 14:56

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The afflicted score:

Context: Only reason I am using the save online feature is because I need to update the audio which is using multiple soundfonts.


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The source has the link to the website score, of which I have tried with and without https, www. and even getting the alternative link from when you are on the "update score" page, which is different to that of the score page.. none of these options worked.
And I am on 2.3.2 because the layout is significantly better, less clustered.

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Actually, the default layout in odler versions is far worse. The defaults in current versions are much better. But, that means that scores that had been heavily tweaked to overcome the poor defaults of older versions will now look strange, so it will indeed take a little bit of work to undo that. Luckily, it doesn't take long and soon your scores will look better than ever, and of course future scores will look better without all that fussing. Definitely highly recommend to spend a little time learning your way around the current versions,. You will be shocked at how much easier it is to get fantastic results!

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I am sure it is to the liking of others but not to myself as far as the layout is concerned.. but given how many of my 170 scores I have uploaded are by Richard Wagner for very large orchestra, trying to re-tweak the layout of such works.. the Die Meistersinger Act 1 Prelude for example.. would be no mere "little bit of work"..
At least I do not have the luxury of time as others might do to re-work there scores.

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Indeed, for large existing scores that you don’t otherwise need to work on further because they are basically done, best to just live with the limitations and deficiencies of MuseScore 2 for now. But no reason to deprive yourself if the tremendous advantages of MuseScore 3 for new scores, or even older scores you plan to work on extensively. I’ll make up a rule of thumb to consider - if you were planning on working on an older score for a few hours or more, the time spent updating it will pay for itself. if you were only planning on working on it a few minutes, probably not.

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