Create musescore swing time sheet music file given musescore normal time sheet music file

• Jul 1, 2020 - 18:34

I was trying to determine if Musescore could convert the sheet music from a "normal" time musescore file to musescore sheet music in swing time. I determined that if I select FORMAT==>STYLE ==>SCORE and then change the Swing Settins of the "normal" tempo song to swing time and then FILE==>EXPORT that as a midi file then opened that midi file in MuseScore that the sheet music was converted to swing time. It does require a little cleanup, but it is still better than converting all the the two eighth note pairs to a triplets with a quarter note and an eighth note. You can copy the song title, subtitle, lyrics, cord designations, text etc. from the original "normal" tempo song to the swing time song. It is easy if you open the two files and then VIEW==>Documents Side-by-Side. Then, when done, you can print out the song in swing time.


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I am confused. Unless I misunderstand, using the Swing text from the Text palette does not do what I want. I want to actually change the notes in the sheet music to swing time, not just indicate swing with text. I rearrange music into parts for a 6 person all accordion band. When I do this, and leave it in normal time, where to swing sometimes gets confusing for some parts. Coordinating this between 6 people gets difficult when the music has to be interpreted, by 6 different people, as to where to swing. So, when I convert the song to swing time, with the procedure that I originally explained, it eliminates the confusion. We all have the sheet music explicitly written in swing time.
If there is a simpler way to create a musescore swing time sheet music file given a musescore normal time sheet music file please let me know. I was not able to find anything in the Forum or in the manual.
Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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I think possibly part of the source of confusion is your use of the term "swing time". In many (most?) circumstances, that would be a textual instruction to the players. but you want the actual printed music to contain triplets (a quarter + a eighth note) instead of two regular eighth notes. This is highly unusual and for most players, less easy to read. But in your case, the right thing. And your way of achieving this,when you already have music in MuseScore using the more common way to notate this, makes sense.

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Thank you for your reply. With 6 people, when we rehearse once a month, it is hard to swing together, particularly with multiple parts. I have not done this before, (and I may be told not to do it again), but I wanted to see how the other 5 would like this. In the past, the parts of the songs we wanted to swing, were not to complicated. But in this case I could predict problems (which I am sure we eventually would overcome).
Thanks again!

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