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• Jul 3, 2020 - 02:45

Hi everyone, I got a question if someone may help me , there is a way to save or play the score with natural sound with the chords I mean if you set at Dm for example that play the notes at the same time but when you play that in a real guitar you play that up or down so that means it is a pretty small delay when the notes sound , is possible make that effect? I would like the chords sound more natural , thank you guys


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I think the OP is talking about the playback of the chord symbols. THe "Dm" and "G" etc that was added with ctrl-K.

My understanding of the present situation is that this is no possible.

I also predict that we will see no end of post of this type where people expect to be able to specify a strumming pattern for guitars, or comping pattern for piano etc.

Making this come closer to "Band-in-a-box" feature level, with generated bass lines and automatic coloring based on music style will also be features that people will suggest, or expect to already be present.

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In what way is it different to what you are looking for? Maybe, since it's close, it just needs a tweak.
This score has a C chord played at various arpeggio stretches: arp.mscz
What improvements could be made? (other than adding the missing open 1st string!)

You can also arpeggio down a chord, possibly deleting the chord's bass note since these are not always played in a down strum.

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