Set the width of the measures

• Jul 4, 2020 - 10:56

I would like to create a plugins allowing to fix the width of the measures but I cannot find any documentation in French.
I imagine that it should take a few lines, but if you do not know QML which is my case, it is not simple.
Thanks for your help


Stop searching, there is no such thing. Last MuseScore version that you could have fixed measure width with was 1.3, but is was causing more harm than good so got removed.
Also it was never exposed to plugins.

Internally there is no support for such a thing, but it is something we (well, some of us anyhow) are considering finding a way to bring back, hopefully in a less limited and less buggy form than was in MuseScore 1 :-). If/when we do such a thing, I would imagine it would be easy enough to expose the setting to plugins.

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