MuseScore engraving push

• Jul 7, 2020 - 17:50

Hi everyone,

After chatting with a few community members, we have arrived at a simple system to try and help coordinate an ‘engraving push’ between the community and our internal team (@oktophonie for engraving & @Tantacrul for design).

We’re starting by identifying two broad categories (which we imagine will expand over time):

  1. Important / high-impact tasks (like default instrument ordering & bracketing) that we’d like to target at a MuseScore 3.5.1 release
  2. Larger-scale fixes that we target at a MuseScore 4.0 release

For many of these tasks, @oktophonie is writing up detailed specifications, along with documentation of requirements and expected/ideal results. @Tantacrul will provide design support and is also tasked with putting together our new notation font. To keep track of everything, we suggest using a simple public kanban board, so everyone has a high-level view of who is working on what and what remains to be done. More about this below.

Here is our proposed process:

  1. People look through the Trello Board and if anyone is interested in taking ownership of a task, we invite them as a ‘member’ and assign them to it. Anyone who is interested in simply observing can do so and can make comments / suggestions. However, it’s probably best that most of our detailed conversations be held on the Telegram chat
  2. @oktophonie / @Tantacrul will then work with each member - providing them with whatever specs / support they need
  3. Both parties continue working on the issue until happy with it
  4. A PR goes out for everyone to scrutinise
  5. We then mark the task as ‘Done’ and move on

A couple of notes about this:

  • Obviously, each task will involve discussions about things like dependencies and whether or not they need to be divided into smaller parts
  • This is a two-way system. If you think an engraving task is missing, bring it up and we’ll create it
  • Members should also create new tasks for @oktophonie / @Tantacrul where needed. This will be very useful. Missing designs / specs are a dependency
  • Bear in mind that we are finding our feet with this process. If we find that the Trello system is not fully featured enough, we can instead move to something like GitHub Projects instead. Let’s discuss this along the way. It’s easy enough to change the system early in the process
  • We do not feel our current Issue Tracker is suitable for managing a project like this. However, we are hoping that this experience will help us to agree on a new ideal that we can pursue in the future.

Please take a look at our Trello board here. It will be continue to be populated in the next few days:


A general point to mention about the '3.5.1' list:

These are the big things that come up all the time on scores published to - the most obvious things that people notice, which gives the app a bad reputation (and which shouldn't be all that difficult to solve). We feel that if we fix the 3.5.1 list, we will make a very big step in improving the overall perception of quality.

The board is publicly viewable at the link given - anyone who actually wants to join the board, please just send a message to myself or Tantacrul, here or on Telegram, and we'll send you an invite.

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