• Jul 10, 2020 - 03:55

Is it a misunderstanding?
Today's notification seems to be about strings already translated 2/6 years ago...

Проблема в исходной английской строке - она обрывается на "Break systems every", потом идет выбиралка числа, и потом отдельно строка measures. Хз, как можно перевести корректно, надо исправлять оригинальную строку)


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Those string number don't mean much. I guess you're referring to one of the few string containing a %n?
Those are a bit of a pain, as they show up for translation time and time again, but that seems unavoidable.
Although maybe fixes that as a side effect.
It should at least prevent this mixup to happen again.

But feel free to translate them to your likings. Not all languages have the possibility to use the same wording for singular and plural (and some even have more than just those 2 options)

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Among the many allergies, to the handbook, looking for previous posts, you have to add those to the registration on external sites or apps in general. After they have found the vaccine currently most needed...who knows...
Thank you, as always, for your substantial support, have a good weekend.

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