What "instrument" / soundfont of the percussion/drum is this?

• Jul 10, 2020 - 10:57

I quoted "instrument" because I have absolute no idea where these percussion sounds come from.
I'm ignorant when it comes to music genres and specific instruments like these.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrOnGpXEYUE (Btw, what software does one sound autotuned like that at 1:23?)
*The reason I reference to this artist's because of the genre of music he makes which I'm not sure what it's called...

Is it possible to arrange/compose songs like this on MuseScore?


I'm not great with this music genre but I do hear marimba on the first one and various drumsets. You can play around with the default drumset soundfonts; first video seems to have standard or jazz, second one seems to have an electric one if it's there, third one also electronic. Try testing the hi-hat sound for different drumsets as I think those are the easiest to differentiate from and to identify what you like. An arrangement doesn't always need exact playback; you might even like the subtle differences. Pretty sure you can arrange something like this with enough experimenting, though the lack of lyrics playback may be problematic (I've seen people use tenor sax as a general replacement). I also could not find the autotuned sound you described; there's just silence at 1:23 for a segue.

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Well if your aiming for accurate percussion I'm pretty sure MuseScore's drumsets can get pretty close; you'd be testing like a dozen or so but it's not very tedious. Seems to be a jazz set and an electronic set. About auto-tuning, I expect you'd have to do that outside of MuseScore with an audio app. Though if it's applied to one instrument/voice, then you'd probably have to edit that separately then combine it with the rest of the audio.

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Do you recommend any soundfonts for these type of genres?
Btw, is it uncommon for me to reach notes where MuseScore labels it red on any instruments even though it's been digitally pitched to sound natural when it's not possible with real instruments?

This sentence feels weird...

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