No cross-staff shortcut under Linux

• Jul 13, 2020 - 08:11
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No shortcut seems to be active for cross-staff notation under Linux.
I have tried Ctrl-Shift-arrow, Ctrl-Alt-arrow, Ctrl-Shift-Alt-arrow and Shift-Alt-arrow.

Moreover, under Edit/Preferences, I didn't find where I can define them.
Note: I use the french version of Musescore:
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Arch.: x86_64
MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.2.3+dfsg1-4build1 (Ubuntu focal/amd64)
MuseScore build number not set
revision: d2d863f


Reported version 3.4 3.2

3.2.3 is outdated, update to 3.4.2. Use an AppImage if your distribution doesn't have that.
Even if it may not help in this case...

There are shortcuts defined and configurable for this, they pretty well hidden though and called "Move up" and Move down", in French: "Déplacer vers le haut" and "Déplacer vers le bas"

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Please check how those are set and whether you can get thoem to work.
Also make sure to really use a grand staff (one instrument with 2 staves), as this cross staff stuff only works for those

Reported version 3.2 3.4

Hi Marc, thanks for the reply.
This doesn't function either with the appimage.
It's even impossible to define a shortcut with a Shift inside: Musescore honors, for example, Ctrl-Shift-Left but it seems impossible to actually define a shortcut with Shift.
So I have defined Meta-Down and Meta-Up to achieve this but whithout success: I can define the shortcut but it doesn't have any effect.
Perhaps the grand staff I use is not correct? I enclose a test file.

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Test clavier.mscz 8.74 KB
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Reported version 3.4 3.2

Which Marc? (you experience the issue with 3.2, and that sample score is from 3.2 too I think)
That score is not a grand staff, but 2 instruments with one staff each, there cross staff notation indeed does not work.
Try the attached instead

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Test clavier.mscz 8.82 KB
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Reported version 3.2 3.4

Oops, Sorry Jojo, I had Marc Sabatella in mind, I can't understand why...
Nice! It functions, even in 3.2 (I've tried both 3.2 and 3.4). Thanks!
But It's a bit strange because I've created specifically a new score with the Piano template and... it came with two staffs :-( I was confident and didn't double-check this. Visually, I found no way to distinguish them nor to transform one into another... I'l do a cut/paste for all.
I think the ticket can be closed now. Thanks again!

Status needs info by design
Reported version 3.4 3.2

That score of your's had definitely not been created via the standard piano template, but probably via 'my first score' or maybe the treble clef template and then adding another piano with just a bass clef staff