MS is Beat Making Software for Beginners!

• Jul 13, 2020 - 08:34

Apparently they didn't bother trying MS before writing their review:


Great! I can imagine some typical Garageband-Magix-Music-Maker users being shocked by that experience. "What!? Sheet music!? Where ist the fucking write-my-song-and-make-me-rich button?".

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In the context of FL Studio, GarageBand, Tracktion, Studio One 4 Prime, LMMS, MAGIX Music Maker, etc. then MS doesn't seem to fit the description of "beat making software perfect for beginners". I'm not sure that people would equate beat making with score writing. Still, users have nothing to lose since it's free, and might well enjoy MS.

MS is more advanced and of a different KIND than most of those. It produces representations of so called "beats" and focuses on readability rather than audio. Few drummer/percussionists can sight read piano roll.

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