Manual / Auto Placement of dynamics or hairpins . . .

• Jul 16, 2020 - 16:53

For some reasons I like to move dynamics or haitpins - manually - to control a better look of the page layout.
So I swich off the automatic placement option - local - for each case.

It seems, Musescore ignores my manual placements
after reload or new page break.

How can I fix my manual placemants?


To be clear: the "set as style" button ("S" icon) is for if cases where you want to change the default location for an element type. Like, if you want to change all dynamics to be closer to the staff or whatever. You change one, then hit that button, and instantly all the others adjust to match (well, except to the extent you also made manual adjustments to those too - existing manual adjustments are preserved).

In general, though, to move elements, disabling autoplace is neither necessary nor helpful, and is often counterproductive. There are however a few special cases where if you deliberate want hairpins to not align with their dynamics or vice versa, this can be useful. Even so, often a better way to achieve that effect, without losing the benefits of autoplace, is to enable the "allow diagonal" option in the Inspector, which has the effect of also breaking that association between hairpin and dynamic while otherwise letting autoplace perform its other functions.

As for page breaks, if a hairpin or other line crosses multiple systems, then each "segment" gets its own properties, so you have independent control of them. That much is normal. But certainly any adjustments you make should survive save/reload.

So in order to understand and assist better, we'd need you to attach a score you are having trouble with and to describe more precisely what you are trying to do and what is going wrong.

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