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• Jul 17, 2020 - 03:05

Hello. I have some templates stored in Templates. How do I open them from the Musescore program, without having to go into my folders to find and select them? Is there a simple way to do this? I would expect it to be a one click deal.


If you want to open the template to modfy it, you need to go to that folder.
If you just want to create a new score using that template, you just select it in the New Score Wizard

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OK. My templates are not showing in the New Score Wizard. When I hit Ctrl+N, I get the New Score Wizard which just has fields for Name, etc. there is another window that I have seen occasionally which features thumbnails of recently modified scores. But I don't know how to bring that up. How do I call that window up?

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Let me check it. Maybe I stored it incorrectly. Shouldn't it be in Documents, in the Templates folder of the version I'm working in? Maybe they are stored incorrectly. But how do I call up that thumbnail window because maybe I overlooked it. Anyway to call up templates, I need to call up that window.

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Or you can use the first icon at the top left of the workspace and save yourself a step.

From the Handbook link above:
"Any templates that you create for future use should be stored here. Once in the user "templates" folder, they will automatically appear on the "Choose template file" page of the New Score Wizard—under the heading "Custom Templates"."


I find this faster than the Start Centre.

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OK. It would be even better if there were a Template button in the toolbar. If I could customize my toolbar, I would omit New Score button and just use templates. I would use the Wizard only when setting up a special score. The way it is now, it treats my templates as if they are special scores, when they are not. My templates are the standard.

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I think it already has been suggested many times that the toolbar should have a customized option. There are just some things that people don't ever use. I never toggle for midi, I don't upload to the cloud, I don't toggle image capture, I don't play the metronome during playback. Of course, now that I've actually looked, I might start using them. Haha. But I would rather be able to put on the toolbar precisely what fits my needs. Both a template button and a dated daily log button would be marvelous (causing great wonder.) :)

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A Template button would be a one step process rather than two. A Daily Log button would have a grand staff template that automatically dated itself, it would fill the name of the file with the date 200717. for today. I can then log miscellaneous ideas that come to me while working on projects or reading theory. This would be a one step button for my log. Currently I have to use a template and fill the date in. I'd just like to have it there. i think a daily log is the first thing for a composer. If there are composers here, I'm surprised that this wasn't added long ago.

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Everyone works differently, but I don't know that I've ever met anyone who uses a daily log the way you suggest :-). So I wouldn't be too sure it's a common thing to want.

Anyhow, what you describe is rather separate from a template, then - templates don't pre-fill filenames by the date. Instead, you're describing a new feature where filenames get pre-generated based on some user-defined criteria. I could imagine this, but I also suspect very few people would use such a feature. It seems more suited as a plugin, which is totally doable as far as I know, and can be assigned a shortcut or even given a button on the UI.

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For the first, if you don't want to go through the wizard, use the 'open file' button on the toolbar, navigate to your templates folder, and open any template. This button is sticky, so even after closing the program it will now always return to your list of templates. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O is even quicker.

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No, the Start Center is not how you create new scores from a template - it merely opens the template for editing (assuming it was already opened recently). So you don't want that unless your goal is to modify the template.

To use a template, simply use File / New. Yes, the first page of the wizard has you enter the name, composer, etc. The second page of the wizard is where you select the template to use, and your template will be right there under the "Custom" heading.

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