Inserting vertical frames at another frame in score don't add to parts

• Jul 17, 2020 - 08:49
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In the attached file:
Search main score '8bx' then scroll up. All the text preceding 8b used to be in two vertical frames. Then I created the parts (Box, Cox, Bouncer). Because of layout problems in 'Box', I went back to the main score and added multiple vertical frames, dividing the text amongst them (as seen in the attached file). However, these vertical frames don't appear in the part (Box). I can't copy and paste the frames from the main score to the part. (Nothing happens when I paste in 'Box'.) If I try to create vertical frames in 'Box', they don't show up in 'Box', but they show up in the main score.

When I encountered this problem before, the workaround was to delete the parts and recreate them. However, when creating the parts, the height of the vertical frames doesn't persist. Thus, I have to go through the whole document and resize each vertical frame to fit the text. (An additional bug--though perhaps an separate issue--is that when I try to change the size of a vertical frame, the view jumps down to the next staff. The frame does resize, but I have to click, scroll, click, scroll, etc.) I've spent hours already working on the layout of this part, and I really don't want to have to do it all over again. (I haven't worked in 'Cox' or 'Bouncer' yet, so I'll simply delete them and recreate them.)

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Hmm. Attached: 'Main Score 1' is what I see in the score to start with (multiple vertical frames with text). 'Box 1' is what I see in the part 'Box' (only the two original vertical frames--before I'd edited them in the main score--with most of the text missing--because it'd been cut and pasted into the other frames in the main score).

Then, in Box, I clicked on the frame just above the title '8b. Rataplan', and then Add>>Frames>>Vertical frame.
Attached: 'Box 2' is what I see after adding the frame (it doesn't show up in the part), and in 'Main Score 2' the text frame has appeared.

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Update: after posting that and returning to the program, still in the main score tab, I clicked on the frame, and the view jumped to below the last page. I scrolled up, and I see this (attached: 'Main Score-Box'). As you can see from the highlighted tab at the top, I'm in the main score, but the page displayed is the last page of the part 'Box' (not the main score). When I scroll up (in this sort of strange hybrid view) to the text before 8b, the added vertical frame is not there (same view as 'Box 2' in my previous comment).

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P.S. I also have now tried adding the frame (from the menu Add>>Frame>>Vertical frame, rather than from the palette, as I'd been doing) to the main score, and it doesn't appear in the part, either (but it shows up in the main score).

P.P.S. Rereading your latest reply, Jojo, I do notice a difference: I've been adding the vertical frames above existing vertical frames. (Clicking the vertical frame and then clicking the icon in the palette to add a vertical frame.) Your comment says selecting a measure. Perhaps that's the difference?

Sorry for bombarding you with replies, but another thing: after doing all of the above, I closed the score (clicking the x in the score tab), and chose to discard changes when prompted. Then the program crashes. (This isn't the first time--it's happened every time when I've been trying to sort out this issue, even before posting it here.)

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So far I've been working only in 3.5 beta. ... I went now to try it in 3.4.2...but 3.4.2 won't load. I clicked the shortcut, the splash came up, and then it crashed. I tried again, it asked me if I wanted to restore the previous session, I clicked 'no', and then it crashed. I tried again, it asked me again, I clicked 'yes', and it crashed. So I'm not able to verify if it happens in 3.4.2. I'll try reinstalling 3.4.2 to see if that resolves the crashing.

Title New vertical frames in score don't add to parts Inserting vertical frames at a other frame in score don't add to parts
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Reported version 3.x-dev 3.4

OK, I can reproduce the issue, and in 3.4.2 too, when inserting a frame at a frame rather than at at measure

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Title Inserting vertical frames at a other frame in score don't add to parts Inserting vertical frames at another frame in score don't add to parts

Thanks, Jojo. Piecing the various issues together, it seems to me that the issue is with locating the frames on the page. The frames seem to be connected to a measure (which may be why, when editing the size of the frames in the parts, the view keeps jumping to the first measure of the next section, and why, when you first tried to reproduce the issue by adding the frames to a measure instead of above other frames, the issue didn't happen). Perhaps for frames, there's a way to set the reference point to the page or page margins rather than to a measure?