Realize Fretboard Diagrams

• Jul 19, 2020 - 10:28

After awesome implementation “Realize Chord Symbols (Thank you so much!) for v3.5,
thinking of an idea of “Realize Fretboard Diagrams”.

Wouldn’t it be very nice if Fretboard Diagrams are realized?

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Yes, and this had been mentioned earlier already. Big advantage: the exact voicing is know and the exact sound too.
Both only if applied to a plucked string staff/tablatur though, if not we'd have to fall back to the 'regular' Piano sound and voicing.

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Hi jojo
ah, this had been already mentioned :D

Applied it only for plucked inst staff/TAB.. ah it's good idea! didn't think about it.
I was thinking that no matter if staff is for plucked inst or not, but when right-clicking fretboard diagrams, there is "realize fretboard diagram" option is added and functioning.

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