Retrieving Lost Files

• Jul 19, 2020 - 21:23

Does anyone know if Musescore can help me retrieve a file? Hard drive crashed & has now been replaced, but I can't find one particular file. Does Musescore have a retrieval service/facility?


"Does Musescore have a retrieval service/facility?"
It sure does: it's invoked by using File > Save Online..."
The problem is that you have to use Save Online... regularly for your scores, before your hard drive crashes.

There is also the backup file MuseScore makes in the same folder as the file itself. It is normally but you can tell your OS to show hidden files. The backup filename starts with a period and ends with a comma.

If you're on Windows and didn't disable OneDrive, there would also be a version there. On macOS, "TIme Machine" can perform the same function.

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