Measure 4/8 and 3/8 inserted in measure 12/8.

• Jul 21, 2020 - 10:44

Could you teach me how to do the job of inserting simple measures into a composite measure song?
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Thank you!

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Step 1. Select the measure before which you want to insert the new one.
Step 2. Add>>Insert one measure.
Step 3. Right click on new measure and select Measure properties
Step 4. Adjust the Measure duration to 3/8 (or 4/8)
Step 5. Add a 12/8 time signature to the measure after the new one
Step 6. Add a 3/8 (or 4/8) time signature to the new measure.

Note: It is important that steps 5 and 6 are done in that order otherwise everything after the new measure would be re-arranged to match the new time signature.

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