Various lines disappearing

• Jul 26, 2020 - 04:46

Randomly (or so it seems) while writing out scores, barlines and beams will disappear. This has an easy enough fix, as I can just move a note up or down a bit to make the lines reappear.
Is there any way I can stop this from happening?


Weird... It has never occured to me. So you just put notes and stuff and sometimes lines will disappear? You don't do anything else? Btw you are on the candidate version or 3.4?

In order to understand and investigate, we would need you to attach one of the scores where you experience this issue. I recall some bugs in much older versions (like from years ago) where this could happen sometimes, but I haven't heard any reports of this in a long time.

I see that this conversation has been quiet for a while, but I would like to add that I'm experiencing the same thing with the newest version of Musescore 4. So far it has happened with glissando and pedal lines, but I haven't used many lines beyond those so there's almost certainly more that I haven't encountered yet. Sometimes they show up again if I change a note around them, sometimes they don't. And a pedal line appears to have caused several systems to get completely out of sync with each other, because the piano part it's on is now entirely missing from the mixer and the notes in the bass clef part of the grand staff are played over every other instrument, even when only that one instrument is selected in the score or soloed in the mixer. The score is also unable to be saved to the cloud, just to a local file. I could save it to the cloud up until I added that pedal line.

I attached my most recent copy of the file, assuming it saved correctly. It's possible that it didn't save correctly and that I lost the score, because that has happened before after a different glitch a few versions ago. This version of the file doesn't have the original part that started the problem (I removed that instrument), but it seems to still affect playback. The older copy (copy2) is also attached, but I can't remember if that version has the original problematic part or not. I also tried to attach the audio file with the original desynced piano part isolated, but for some reason I can't attach that file.

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