Lost Scores

• Aug 1, 2020 - 17:46

When MuseScore switched to a paid model, all of my scores were lost in the system. It shows that I have no scores at all. I contacted MuseScore support, and they verified that there is only one account tied to my email address. They recommended that I post my problem here so support can take a look at what might have happened with this. I would love to continue to use MuseScore, but if the scores are going to be lost, I'll find something else.


There's no such thing as a paid model for MuseScore. There is a pro account on musescore.com, but I can't see how that could relate? Also that exists very long.
And there's nothing that would remove your scores, neither on your Pc nor on musescore.com. There indeed you have 0 public scores, under this account.

To be clear: this is the support forum for the MuseScore notation software on your computer. There is no paid model for that, and never has been. If you are using the MuseScore notation software on your computer and created scores, those scores remain on your computer until you delete them yourself - nothing within MuseScore ever removes your files. So, you just need to remember what folder you saved them to and visit that folder to reunite with your scores.

If you are referring to the score sharing website musescore.com, that has had both free and paid accounts for around 10 years now, nothing new there except that from time to time the specifics of what requires a free versus paid account change. None of those changes should have ever resulted in removal of your scores - on the contrary, one of the big changes was that free accounts used to be limited to 5 scores but are not limited in that way anymore. But if you are having some sort of issue with your account on that website, you would need to ask for help over there. It's possible that when you contacted them originally, it wasn't clear to them you were talking about the website and not the notation software and that would explain why they sent you here. But if your issue is with that website, you definitely need to pursue it over there.

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