How to retrieve accidentally deleted score?

• Aug 5, 2020 - 00:02

I attempted to correct a misspelling in the title of an almost-finished score. In doing so, I accidentally deleted the file. I remember a while ago reading of a way to retrieve such a file, but I can't find the old post. Anyone?


If all you did is delete the file normally, it isn't gone - it just went to your Recycle Bin (WIndows) or Trash or other equivalent on macOS or Linux. So go there and you should find it. If you're not familiar with how to access those features on the particular version of the particular OS you are using, a general web search should give the answer.

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Indeed, if by "correct a misspelling in the title" you mean you were trying to rename the file, Windows makes it so easy to delete it by mistake as "Delete" is just above "Rename" in the right click menu. I know well the cold sweat that comes after you realise you just clicked the wrong one - and the sense of relief when I find the just-deleted file in the Recycle Bin.

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Bless you my brother! It was simply look in the recycle bin and it was there. I lost the drum parts [*$#@$#@!], but that's a small sacrifice for having the rest of it intact. I wasn't sure what I had done to provoke the wrath of Microsoft, but that must have been it.
Thanks, all!

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