Accidentally deleted content just now--a lot of it!

• Nov 13, 2018 - 23:00

As the subject implies, I somehow deleted a lot of notes when I was fooling around with maximizing the size of the staff on a brass band piece. I have tried all the ways I know to get this back, but to no avail. I tried to log off w/o saving=too late. I tried to hit the back arrow=too late.
Is there another way to turn the clock back?
Thanks in advance!


Have you saved your score since you messed up and then reopened the score? If not the backup that was made when you made the mistake should still be there in a hidden file called


where fileneame is the name of your score's file. Remove the , and . from the name and make it visible and you might recover more of your file. See for more info.

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To find hidden files in windows 10, open the file explorer. In the view menu check Hidden items in the show/hide section. The hidden backup file will be in the same location as the broken file. When you rename it, right click the file, choose file properties. Change the name so it does not include the starting . or trailing , and then remove the check from the hidden check box in the attributes section. When you click OK, windows will ask you to verify that you want to change the extension. Click the button that says you want to do this since you have removed the , from the extension. One other thing, you will want to add something to the name of the file so you don't get a duplicate file name error, perhaps add _b (for backup to it). You will then need to use it using Open rather than looking through recently used since it has never been opened by MuseScore.

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Thanks so far, Mike!
"The hidden backup file will be in the same location as the broken file. " This I do not understand. All I get is the usual MS icon in my documents, not a detailed location per se. When I click on this icon and do as you suggest, I still get the MS display without the deleted parts.

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The folder that holds your MuseScore files, probably called something like ...documents/musescore2/scores is where MuseScore normally holds your scores. If you use the search box at the top right of the Windows File Explorer, you can find the score that's broke. You can then right click the score and select open location. This will open the folder where the broken score is. When you make sure hidden items are displayed, you will see the backup file in the folder. You can then rename it and unhide it as explain above.

Also, remember this folder in case it is not the default location MuseScore opens when you use the Open command.

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In the view menu check Hidden items in the show/hide section. The hidden backup file will be in the same location as the broken file.

Besides placing a check mark in 'Hidden items in the show/hide section, you must also place a check mark in 'File name extensions'. You need to display the .mscz and .mscz, (with comma) file extensions.


FWIW, the best option is probably not available to you any more if by "logging off" you mean you actually closed MuseScore. Had you not done that then the Undo button would get you back - just press it as many time as necessary to get back to a place you liked. It's also not clear what you mean that it was "too late" - if you didn't save your changes, it's definitely not too late, whatever was there the last time you saved would still be there. My advice would be to find someone locally who is more familiar with computers in general who can work with you in person to help you reconstruct what actually happened and what options are available now.

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I guess you didn't catch my response above. I did what they told me and was able to recover my work. I even remember-after the fact--how I lost it in the first place. Hopefully I won't do that again, but I at least have a chance of getting it back in the future.
Thanks as always for the excellent support!

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