Background image online (.com) via stacking-order

• Aug 7, 2020 - 05:02

When desiring a background image for a score, it has been suggested to have an image with a very low stacking order (or the lowest). This works fine in the main application (the purple background image here):


But, I upload the same score to the .com site for test:

and the result is:


Somehow, the .com programming isn't getting the image to be stacked below the staves. Is there anything the team can do to take a look into why this is happening, or if it is a known issue? Not super important, but it would be nice if users who want background images to be truly under the staff to have the ability to do so and also have it be appropriately displayed online.

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If your question is about the .com side, I can't answer the question. If not, then no.

The situation is of an imported image being attached to a vertical frame and then extended to fill a large portion, or in this case the whole portion of the score and having its stack-order be brought to nil so that it fits behind everything so that for instance a user can put some artwork/background/whatever behind the staves. Works fine in Musescore's application.

If you take a score that looks fine in MuseScore for that purpose and upload it to .com, that image ends up being "above" in stacking order of the staves and the staff lines are not showing any longer. At least the results are in that manner for me.

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