Version 3.5's acoustic guitar instrument plays some notes as a piano instead. The same score played correctly in the previous version. Uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch doesn't help.

• Aug 7, 2020 - 15:50
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S3 - Major
by design

You can see what I mean by playing the attached score.

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Status active by design

The piano sound are the chord symbols playing back. You can change the sound to something else using the Mixer, or mute that subchannel, or turn off chord symbol playback entirely using the Inspector.

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Thank you. Personally, I think playing chord symbols should not be the default, or should be a selectable preference. It makes no sense for finger style or classical guitar, where specific notes are played. Now that I understand what's happening, I can select all the chord symbols and mark them not to play in the Inspector.

No need to select them all, just do one then click the set as style button.

But as for the default, I would say your case case is quite unusual. Normally if all notes are written out, you wouldn’t also have chord symbols. The vast majority of uses of chord symbols are in cases where the whole point is to not write the whole thing out as well.

And yes, a strong case can be made that the playback sound for chord symbols on guitar scores should be guitar rather than piano, and assuming that ends up being the consensus, I support that PR to make the change.

Indeed, it was discussed extensively during the long alpha / beta / release candidate stage whether or not existing scores should take advantage of the new facility by default,. The consensus among those who opted to check out and comment on those prereleases was it would be useful much more often than not. It's not impossible that this could be revisited, but for now, we are going with what the majority of users wanted. The forums would be a better place to discuss possible future changes to the design.