Veresion 3.5 Chord Sound

• Aug 7, 2020 - 16:15

How can I eliminate the Chord Sound on this new Version


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I use Ubuntu Studio 20.04.1 LTS (64 bits Linux) and I updated to MuseScore Portable AppImage 3.5.0 and... I cannot to see that "PLAY" box in the Inspector. Now, I just get a very simple piano chord sound in that track and just in the place where the chord symbol is. What's wrong here? ???

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In the "INSPECTOR", there is not any "PLAY" box, here!!! Also... The new version is taking a very long time to load any score and... It is frozen each time I want to change anything. So... I think there are some bugs with Linux. I forgot to mention I use JACK AUDIO CONNECTIONS SERVICE. Maybe, it is related with this, I don't know. Unfortunately, I cannot to find the old Portable AppImage (3.4.2), and I erased the one I got. I will try to install the Snap version. Maybe...

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I could install the snap version (3.4.2) and it is running so fine!!!

Definitively, the new Portable AppImage 3.5.0 has some bugs with my Ubuntu Studio system. I tested it inside my 3 computers. It is the same inside all of them. Musescore is frozen each time I change something, anything Per sample: When I try to change some value into the INSPECTOR.

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Now I can see my mistake!!! I selected the chord diagram!!! Now, I know I have to select the name of the chord!!! Hahahaha!!!
BTW: There are some bugs with the version: A lot of time to load any score, Frozen when I change something in the INSPECTOR and a lot of time to save an score. I think, this version is still "green" (not ripe, or mature) to Ubuntu Studio.

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@ Jojo-Schmitz... Hi!!!

Let's say, we are working in the adjusted score (but I tested with other scores and it is exactly the same). Remember I tested Musescore 3.5.0 Portable AppImage, the only one available to Ubuntu.

1) The program takes a very loooooong time to load and/or save it.

2) Try to change the size of the INSPECTOR panel. In my PC, Musescore 3.5.0 is frozen. I just have to kill the program with the Ubuntu TASK MANAGER.

3) Try to insert a bar, whatever, not at the start or end of the score, in the middle. Same thing (but it is the same with the 3.4.2 version).

4) Try to replace some chord diagram, in the INSPECTOR... The same thing!!! Musecore 3.5.0 is frozen.

5) Try to add some note, anywhere. The same thing!!! Musescore 3.5.0 is frozen.

And so and on.

So... I guess there is something bad between Musescore 3.5.0 and Ubuntu Studio 20.04.1 LTS.

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Unfortunately I can't seem to download the score you attached. I know there was a problem with the site yesterday, so maybe something went wrong with the upload. Can you attach it again to another comment here? I have never seen the problems you describe with 3.5 on Linux, and really nothing changed before 3.4.2 and 3.5 that could possibly explain the things you are describing. So it is mostly a corruption in that specific score.

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The steps I wrote is what I did (or... I tried to do).

The problems were out when I re-installed the old 3.4.2 version.

I don't have doubt the new version should be running so fine with WIndows and/or Mac. But... Here, with Ubuntu Studio...

But, remember this is not the first time something like this happens. Maybe... Some cryptic necessary library which worked so fine with the old version is lost today. Maybe... We have to wait some future upgrading from Ubuntu team. I don't know!!!

Is there a global option to disable? This is incredibly disorienting and annoying to open old scores written before this was auto-enabled and then have them play back demonic clashing harmonizations on-top of the explicitly written chord voicings.

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The possibility of having older scores default to off has been discussed and is still on the table. Looking to see what sort of consensus develops. The huge downside of that is, the tones of lead sheets that would have benefits from this automatically won't, and people might not even discover the feature exists. That's a big price to pay.

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But why not identifying the old scores as having their style set as "play chords=unspecified", and having a global preference saying if unspecified means yes or no? (With default yes to align with 3.5 behaviour)?
New scores would have an play chords value of yes/no explicitely set and would not use that global preference.

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That's an interesting suggestion. I would recommend thinking it through a little more regarding how all the various cases would be handled - existing score created by you played on your own system, existing score created by you played on another system (including, existing score created by others on your system / other systems, new scores same story, etc. Then start a new thread with a proposal.

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I would like control over this feature.

From comments on other threads I've followed, it seems to me there is a fairly trivial fix, and that means having a personal style and while in it, selecting a chord change and then selecting "off" in inspector (I can't remember the exact wording) and set the style and apply to all.

If, like me, you have a style that you apply to most scores, after the above, save the style, either under the common style you use or under a special name.

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I would say if MuseScore had always supported cowbell as an instrument but didn't connect it to an actual sound, and a user added a cowbell staff to his score because he knew he wanted the notation so human musicians would play it even if MuseScore didn't, and then one day we added an actual cowbell sound, but the millions of scores out there that used cowbells couldn't access it without taking special steps, this would be almost criminal negligence on our part. Similarly if we had implemented single notate dynamics but existing scores couldn't use it by default.

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