MuseScore 3.5: Preferences|I/O|PortAudio MIDI Selectsion Disapear after selecting them and applying. Hence, My MIDI Keyboard won't sound?

• Aug 7, 2020 - 18:02

My Port Audio MIDI Selections disappear after I click apply and OK? I've configured the Note Input Enable MIDI Input as well, however, no MIDI communication occurs. When I manually add notes and play the score, it plays through my Scarlet Audio Interface OK. I've uninstalled Musescore and reinstalled it, unplugged my MIDI USB and Scarlet Interface as well. Still no go?

What I'm hoping to do, is to play my MIDI Keyboard and have the notes appear on my score in Musescore and play back.

Looking for some troubleshooting help.



I have a similar problem.

Upon installing 3.5, I went to Preferences->I/O. MIDI input and MIDI output where blank. I selected the values that were there previously and clicked Apply and OK.

Reopen Preferences->I/O and the MIDI selections are gone. Reinstall, reboot, no better.

There is no MIDI output either, of course.

I stopped there and reinstalled 3.4.2, which works without a problem.

I'm on a MacBook and recently updated to Catalina.

Musescore is wonderful, by the way. Thank you.


Was the Apply button greyed out after making the change? If so, that is a bug that should be fixed in the next update, but meanwhile the workaround is to make some other change in that same dialog, whether on that tab or another, to be sure Apply gets enabled. Then the change should "take".

I have the exact problem. Have an iMac and using a good USB to Midi driver (Mio) recommended by Sweetwater. I can run other third party apps like Komplete Kontrol no issue.... but same issue as above. Reboot and re install doesn't help. Any progress on your end?

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