Where are my Plugins?

• Aug 7, 2020 - 19:13

I followed the manual - checked the boxes, then they showed in the 'menu' but when I click to run, it just brings up a small dark gray window with the plugin name inside. I know what your first question is going to be, and here's the answer: I looked in all three of my possible 'User' sub-directories, including the default in Preferences - there is nothing there. I even did "Reload Plugins" which indicated a successful completion, but they're still not there. (Screenshots will confirm)
Maybe after I update to 3.5, it will work, but I'm wondering if there's any help now for this.(?)

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Are you sayiung you believe you downloaded plugins into that folder? Or are you trying to find the pre-loaded ones? Those are not in your user folder, but in the program folder.

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Don’t see that the Handbook mentions any visible output at all - they are as I said, demos for you to study.

The plugins that actually do something are color notes, note names, and ABC import. Create score is hardly useful in itself but at least you can easily see its results if it works.

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Sorry for the delay - I didn't realize this was the answer to my question about what to run --
So, the 'colornotes' works, the ABC brings up an Input window, so apparently it works.
Here's my question now: Since this path is different, like you mentioned earlier, what's the
significance of the "Plugin" path in Preferences??

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Are you talking about some post other than the one I answered in https://musescore.org/en/node/308692#comment-1017060? I don’t see anything else I didn’t address.

To be as clear as I can: there are two folders where MuseScore looks for plugins. One where the built in plugins live, and one where you download or create your own. I assume you are only looking in the second folder if you aren’t seeing the built in plugins.

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I'm getting old, guys --
I could have sworn that I read that new plugins should go into the \ProgramFiles... directory, so
I just had it backwards. Thus, my confusion the whole time! I understand now. I appreciate your patience.
So, here's probably a silly question: Do you recommend downloading 3.5 ?

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Many of us have been using the prerelease builds of 3.5 for months already, it's got tons of improvements and bug fixes. The only reason I would suggest waiting is if you happen to do a lot of playback of scores in continuous view and need to hear the repeats, that doesn't work right. Doesn't affect me at all, and the hundreds of bugs fixed and other improvements make it worthwhile anyhow.

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