Weird Grand Staff Spacing

• Aug 8, 2020 - 05:00

I'm working on a piano piece, and the last page has some odd spacing of the grand staff. A picture is worth a thousands words, so please see the attachment.

In Format->Style..., I can play with distance between grand staves, but I can't seem to find the correct way to adjust the distance within a grand staff.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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"In Format->Style..., I can play with distance between grand staves, but I can't seem to find the correct way to adjust the distance within a grand staff."
By this do you mean the distance between the Piano RH staff (treble clef) and the Piano LH staff (normally bass clef, but treble clef in your example)? If so, this gap is indeed controlled by Grand staff distance (Great stave distance in the UK):

Something else is affecting the varying distance from system to system (I suspect the arpeggios). That's why you were asked for a score (MSCZ file) instead of an image. You might try try turning off Automatic Placement for the arpeggios?

Ok! It seems that there is a bug with arpeggios that extend beyond the size of a single stave. I made the arpeggio only within a single stave and the distance problem went away.

Any clue on how to do arpeggios that cross staves? It's not vital to the piece, but it's something that does occur in piano music since the Romantic Period.

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Follow-up for those who may be wanting to fix this bug. The first time I stretch the bottom of the arpeggio from the down to the chord in the bottom stave, it looks fine.

Save & Close the file. Re-open.

Now the arpeggios only go half-way to the bottom of the bottom stave chord. No biggie--move the bottom down so that it matches again.

Save, close, re-open.

Hmm, the bottom of the arpeggio still has snuck up a bit. Move it down again. And it looks like the spacing between the top and bottom staves has increased.

Save, close, re-open.

Now you have exactly what is pictured. The distance between the staves is now very noticeable. And the bottom of arpeggio still is not in the right place (see picture).

So that's how to repeat the bug.

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It could be related. But this problem is really about how arpeggios are drawn, not so much the playback.

Actually, I think the real problem is that there isn't a way to have arpeggios span both staves (playing or notating). If you select a chord on two staves and add arpeggios, it makes...two arpeggios, one for each stave. That's both looks and sounds different from the actually more common arpeggio that spans both staves.

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MuseScore doesn't currently have any notion of cross-staff arpeggios, not for playback or notation. Attempts to fake it by making the arpeggio taller just cause autoplace to try to create more space to avoid the collision with the other staff. So the solution for now is to disable autoplace for the arpeggio, by pressing "=" or using the Inspector.

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