Noteheads and Lines

• Aug 10, 2020 - 01:24

I have noticed that many of the noteheads and lines, and several other symbols on the master palette have no effect on the string or note they are applied to. Sometimes when I drag them to the note, they don't even stick onto the note. It would good if someone could help me solve this problem.

There is an example in the test down below.


What sub category in the master palette are these symbols located in? If they are not in one of the user palette subcategories, they are only symbols that attach to notes. Noteheads from the notehead subcategory can be applied to a note by selecting the note, opening the noteheads palette (or noteheads subcategory in the master palette) and clicking on the notehead in the palette. Lines work in a similar manner but you'd need to specify which line you're trying to use.

there is no attachment
Drag and drop is often not the best way, select target element in score, double click eplement in palette is more likely to work

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