Volume for grand piano

• Aug 10, 2020 - 02:15

I am doing Zoom lessons for piano. I want to play any tune using the piano. But when I try to play the song using MuseScore my student can not hear the piano play. How do I turn up the volume so she can hear it on her end?

Is this Zoom problem or a MuseScore problem?

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Depending on the particular OS, audio hardware, and version of Zoom, there are a few possibilities:

1) On some systems, Zoom creates its own audio device that you can select for use in MuseScore via Edit / Preferences I/O. You may need to start MuseScore after starting Zoom to see this. But Zoom does not seem to support this on all systems.

2) On some systems, you can simply use the microphone to pick up the sound from the speakers. Unfortunately, some system go out of their way to prevent this, so as to avoid feedback problems I assume. Sometimes there is a setting in the OS, audio driver, or Zoom to override this; again, that's system-dependent.

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